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Spill Kits

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No matter how careful you and your employees are, spills can still happen, and that is why it’s vital to have a spill plan and kit ready to go, for when these types of incidents occur.

As part of your Occupational Health and Safety processes, your plan will be determined by the nature of your business, the types of spills that may occur and how to take care of them.

We can supply kits specifically catered to your needs, depending on your industry, that are easy to locate and use in times when a quick clean up is required. 

Options for spill kits are broken down into 3 main types:

Oil – Suited to workplaces that are at risk of oil spillage such as a mechanic workshop, oil rigs and most types of manufacturing facilities.

Hazmat – These types of kits are most suitable in cases where a hazardous chemical or substance may be spilled that can impact others health. Included with these kits are personal protective equipment to protect the individual performing the clean-up.

General purpose – These are the most common and are more an all-purpose kit, suited to most industries where the spill is non-hazardous.

Our team can discuss with you exactly what you need and ensure that we supply the right equipment for you.

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